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net+ Internet

Surf without limits thanks to our dazzling speeds

Whether you're interested in the fibre optic network, the cable network (coaxial cable) or DSL, net+'s members promise you that you'll benefit from internet access that suits your needs, with a consistent connection quality and unlimited data volumes.

Benefit from permanent broadband access, up to 500 MB/sec. and even 1 GB/sec. with a fibre optic connection (depending on your region and your local distributor), and surf the internet your way and without any limits.

Access your emails easily, anywhere and anytime

We provide each customer with a secure email mailbox with a storage capacity of over 5 GB, with a regularly updated anti-virus and anti-spam filter. A free webmail service allows you to access your email from any connected device and check your emails anywhere in the world.

Nearly 125,000 loyal customers have a net+ internet connection in French-speaking Switzerland.