"The Works"

For techies, film fans and avid multimedia enthusiasts

118 .- per month

Benefit from an ultra-fast internet connection, store and archive your favourite TV shows, enjoy thousands of hours of unlimited cinema.

  • Internet speeds (MB/sec.) max.download

    1 Gbit/s on optical fiber,
    500 Mbit/s on coaxial cable

  • Wi-Fi (WLAN) and Modem

  • Parental control web

  • Fon

  • Landline connection

    500 minutes of free calls (24/7) to Swiss landlines and mobile networks and to 42 countries

  • The shield (anti-spam)


- 2nd telephone line

  • Connection to the network

  • The set-top box

  • Number of TV channels

    Over 220 TV channels

  • Cloud Recording

    1000 hours of recording, saved for 4 month
    Unlimited simultaneous recordings

  • Archiving

    20h archiving

  • Replay TV

    7 days
    over 90 TV channels

  • Live-Pause, Start Over

  • net+ Mobile TV

    Over 100 TV channels
    Replay TV feature included

  • Cinema on demand (VOD)

    over 10'000 movies available for rental

  • Video catalog (SVOD) included

    TFOU MAX with thousands of videos (cartoons, movies, educational content)


- 2nd set-top box: options are the same as in the regular package

  • Broadband internet access as fast as 500 Mbit/s. on coaxial cable,  1 Gbit/s. on fibre optic
  • Mobile telephone adapted to your needs on the best mobile network in Switzerland with the best tariffs for BLI BLA BLO subscribers.
  • 500 minutes of free calls (24/7) to Swiss landlines and mobile phone networks and to 42 countries (Zone 1)
  • The net+ Softphone application, which lets you use your landline on your smartphone or tablet
  • An anti-spam telephone shield that protects you from commercial canvassing, advertising calls, surveys and scams 
  • Bis zu 220 digital-quality TV channels
  • HD set-top box & recorder is intuitive and practical (Replay TV, Live pause, Start over, etc.)
  • Cloud recording of 1000 hours of shows is included, with the ability to record multiple shows at the same time and 20h archiving
  • Cinema on demand with a rich catalog packed with over 10'000 movies and TV series (VoD)
  • Cinema on purchase with more than 8'000 movies and TV series (EST)
  • Unlimited access to a lot of free cartoons and movie you can watch and re-watch without moderation with TFOU MAX

Check the availability of the offers and the sales conditions with your local net+ distributor