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Connecting to our network

Are you connected to the network?

To find out, just look for the socket (co-axial on the left, FTTH - Fibre To The Home – on the right). Once you've found it you can take advantage of our services. If you are unsure, contact us.

Do you want to be connected to the network?


1. Installation Work

Net+ Entremont assumes responsibility for extending the network up to the building, in accordance with the standard network condition terms and conditions.

This includes all necessary tubing, cables and connectors up to the junction box. However, all costs of civil engineering works (from the junction box into the building) are the responsibility of the proprietor.

For fibre-optic connection: send us your request by email in order to receive a customised offer.

For co-axial cable: fill in the cable network connection contract and send us a signed copy.


2. Interior installation

The interior installation costs are borne by you and must be carried out by an electrician. They will put together a quote based on the type of installation requested (co-axial or FTTH).

When the sockets are in place, a wiring diagram must be sent to us by the company carrying out the works. A net+ Entremont technician will then visit the building to carry out an inspection.


3. Setting up your subscription

Opt for the TV-telephone-Internet package of your choice and benefit from a free set-up service.