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Our commitment

Local – Quality – Proactive

Certified ISO 9001, 14001 and Valais Excellence in 2012, we set out a charter defining our mission and vision.

6 municipalities – 1 network

We take care of the installation, maintenance and operation of the multimedia network in Bagnes, Vollèges, Sembrancher, Orsières, Liddes and Bourg-Saint-Pierre – the municipalities to which we belong.

Highest possible quality for all

The quality of the network is the same in the small village of Rive-Haute as it is in the international resort of Verbier. The living standards of the residents are as important to us as the comfort of holiday-makers.

At the cutting-edge of innovation

Invisible but there none the less: behind each socket, fibre-optic cable makes up 98% of the network. We constantly and proactively look for the best technology for our customers; this is why, ever year, all profits are reinvested in the network and services.

A commitment to sustainable development

Through our activities, we create the necessary conditions for tele-working and thus encourage sustainable development. Mindful of the preservation of the landscape, we have chosen to bury 99.94% of our network underground. As well as our commitment to prevent pollution and meet our various legal requirements, we update our environmental policy every year.

A local service

Close to our customers, we make every effort to answer their needs as quickly as possible. We work in partnership with local companies (architects, installers etc.) to guarantee their comfort.

Environmental initiatives

Since receiving our certification in 2012, we have undertaken a number of environmental initiatives, in accordance with our commitment to sustainable development (see below).

In particular:

  • Ensuring our employees are aware of the importance of waste management in our customers' homes, building sites and at the office,
  • Ensuring our customers are aware of the importance of returning all electronic items to us for recycling,
  • Choosing to renew our fleet with low consumption vehicles,
  • Caring for the countryside by burying almost all of our installations and choosing the best solution for the siting of visible devices,
  • Using renewable energy sources (where available) with the signing of a Greenelec contract (100% renewable and local energy, with 1.5cts per Kwh transferred to a fund for the development of renewable energy sources),
  • Automatically switching off computers at night,
  • Car-sharing for meetings,
  • Use of recycled paper for letters and internal documents,
  • Recommending e-billing to our customers,
  • Promoting eco-driving,
  • Using the most energy-efficient electronic devices,
  • Encouraging customers to use public transport,
  • Upgrading the air-conditioning at our headquarters,
  • Taking part CO2 offsetting schemes linked to mailings (“Pro Clima” label),
  • Use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper for all communication materials,
  • Invoice by email,
  • Promoting sorting and recycling,
  • Communications efforts to create environemental awareness among our customers,
  • Replacement of disposable cups by thermal gourds for employees.