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BBB Pack

Yes, you can. However, the services contained in your current offer will be somewhat different from those that come in a package.

A package consists of several services. With the package, you get an all-inclusive multimedia 4play: internet, mobile and landline service and television.

You no longer have anything to worry about - and you'll be amazed at our energised internet, our unique telephony offers, our entertaining channels and our set-top box's innovative features. So don't wait any further, make the switch!

There are 3 packages that meet individual needs. Whether you just want the bare minimum with the A Little package, or more with the A Lot package, or you want high performance with the "The Works" package, you'll find a package that's just right for your needs.

Yes, you can. The standard cable network subscription includes free digital TV. If you only want television, please contact your cable network.

If you only need TV and internet, you can take the package that interests you and subtract -10.-/month for the telephone service. You also have the option to subscribe to our offers on an individual basis, albeit with less advantageous terms than are available with our packages.

Phone call connection setup fees are free for free calls. In other words, you will not be charged for connections to the Swiss landline network (excluding premium rate numbers).

If you're already a net+ subscriber, you can keep your package. You can of course submit a request to take advantage of our new packages unless you are currently benefiting from net+'s Fibre Sierre offer. Feel free to keep yourself informed by consulting our offers or getting in touch with your local net+ distributor.

The packs are available throughout  the "net+ territory", in other words, all areas served by the cable networks serving the French-speaking Chablais area (Vaud and Valais cantons) and the canton of Fribourg as well as the regions of Nyon, Gland and Aubonne.

Yes, the 3 services are completely independent. You can watch TV without diminishing the quality of your internet connection or the quality of your phone line.

Most recent television models already have a built-in digital tuner. You just need to perform an automatic scan of the digital channels to be able to receive digitally broadcast programmes. When a TV is not equipped with one, an external adapter is required. The connection of this device is as simple as connecting a DVD player. These digital receivers are available at your local net+ dealer or in specialised stores.