Internet: Don't feel oBLIged to take it slow, shift to full speed with net +! Take advantage of our ultra-fast speeds - they're perfect for unlimited downloads and surfing without slowdowns.

  • Broadband connection speeds as fast as 250 MB/sec. for downloads
  • Ultra-fast downloads as fast as 1 GB/sec. with the fibre optic connection*
  • Unlimited downloads and stable download speeds
  • A free WLAN modem (Wi-Fi) throughout the subscription term
  • The free "parental control web" option to  filter inappropriate content  for a young audience
  • The possibility of being member of the community Wi-Fi network "Fon"

Telephone: BLAb on and on the smart way, without looking at your watch! With net+, you benefit from a package that is exclusive to Switzerland. No one will bother you anymore since you can block unwanted callers - for free - thanks to our exclusive anti-spam Shield.

  • Unlimited free calls (24h/day) to Swiss landlines
  • A unique Swiss package that includes 500 minutes of free calls to Swiss landlines and mobile phones, and to 42 countries depending on the package you've selected
  • A free anti-spam Shield to block unwanted calls
  • The replacement of your existing line with the choice of either keeping or replacing your current number 

Digital television: BLOw off some steam on your sofa and enjoy more than 120 digital-quality channels, 70 of which are in high definition. Thanks to our revolutionary set-top box, you can discover the future of television.

  • The connection to the network includes
  • Optional customisable digital packages and channels for all tastes 
  • A multimedia set-top box with advanced but intuitive features (recorder, Replay TV, live pause, Start over, etc.)
  • Access to a catalogue of 10'000 films and TV series to rent (VoD, SVoD) and 8'000 films and TV series to buy
  • Free films and cartoons you can watch without any limits
  • The free net+ mobile TV application**

All of net+'s products and services are available via cable, DSL and fibre optic connections depending on your home's eligibility and your local net+ distributor in French-speaking Switzerland.

* The 1 GB/sec. download speed is available according to eligibility and for fibre optic connections as an option in the "The Works" package